Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#TeamCleanse ... Monday, January 7th is fast approaching! Have you figured out what kind of cleanse you're doing? Have you been thinking about planned meals, snacks, books you might want to read, or movies or videos you might want to watch to support you on your journey? Are you mentally prepared to give yourself a much needed break from some toxins in your life (food, thoughts, people?!) ha ha... This is your gentle reminder to plan, plan, plan your way to a successful detox. Discipline = Freedom "Doing what you ought to do, so that you can do what you want to do" ... I'm sure it will be a challenge for most of us, but think of the great rewards on the other side of it. If that's not exciting you, then strengthen your reason "Why?" you're doing it. ~ Tip #8: Think of all the things that you WILL benefit from if you do this for yourself. Write it down if needed, and go back to your list for motivation when necessary. If you do your part, what reward is on the other side for you? Make it so good that you don't want to miss out on having it. ~ #HealthIsWealth

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